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Introduction For many of the over a billion Internet users Miniwatts Marketing Group,the Internet seems to serve an important social function, providing convenient and simple methods to establish or sustain connections with others. The Internet also presents opportunities for people to manage their online personas, for example with brief and informal written descriptions Wallace, A key feature of online impression management is increased control over self—presentation. For example, pictures can be carefully selected and even edited. We may also wish to promote certain desirable personality traits and omit those that are more unpleasant.

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Potentially, a great deal of demographic and personal information would be needed to identify an individual blogger offline.

This is not surprising considering that members of these services use them predominately in an anchored way, in other words to correspond with pre—existing offline friends and acquaintances. For this reason, effectively managing uounger impressions through the construction of the profile would seem to be particularly relevant in the chat room.

Nevertheless, the content of profile s seems to be an important aspect of the popularity of social networking son,which gives an incentive to publish personal information. As most online profiles request similar types of information, this also allows for a more direct and fair comparison between various profiles for different types of online applications.

I haven't responded for a while and neither has he, I guess little Lauren is not of interest to him, maybe because this is genuine and she's too young, but certainly there is no grooming here. Means and standard deviations are shown in Table 1.

It seems to me that there is a lot of fear in general society and in youngrr media, of adults propositioning children online and grooming them for any manner of things. I thought that to enter all chat rooms I would need to have an for the user. Cornwell and Lundgren for example suggest that chat rooms are ideal locations for individuals to pretend to be someone that they are not.

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It is therefore easy to see why certain individuals may prefer to present themselves online. It was also expected that the teenn chat users would post more information about themselves. Chat room communications are also more likely to contain sexual yiunger when the chat room is unmonitored Subrahmanyam, et al. More recently, Morgan provided evidence for the notion that whereas the sexes may disclose similarly concerning non—intimate topics, women disclose intimate information to others more freely.

Furthermore, most people presented information on location, age and gender.

Unless the reader personally knows the blog author, the inclusion of a first name only would make it difficult to connect a particular blog to a specific individual in the offline world. Essentially, nonymous environments promote self—presentation that is line with normative expectations and this may be because people have to be able for their actions Cinnirella and Green, We may also wish to promote certain desirable personality traits and omit those that are more unpleasant.

The manner in which we manage impressions might therefore be intricately linked to the type of online application being used as well as the motivation for taking part in a specific online activity. Patterns of Internet consumption are relatively stable between the ages of jounger and 39, however after the age of 40 a steady decline in Internet activity is evident Fox and Madden, Their findings also intimate that the greater the generational gap between individuals, the less likely that self—disclosure will occur.

All social networking sites also allow members to post content in pictures, blogs, comments or biography sections that may reveal additional personal information. The data were coded using emergent coding i. Comparatively to blog and SNS profiles, it would seem that chat room profile owners may be less likely to disclose identity information, however roo figures on the proportion of profiles containing the names of the users was not made available in the Li study.

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This seems somewhat anomalous considering that blogs are often personal, candid or intimate Huffaker and Calvert, Each chat youngger was accessed on two different occasions, once in the afternoon and once during the evening for a period of one—hour in each instance. Sites like MySpace and Facebook generally allow members to post personal data.

Bloggers may therefore still feel some rokm of security and anonymity even when they supply some form of identity information. However, although the chat room may encourage members to disclose less identity information, chat room members may be less likely to converse with friends and people often feel more comfortable opening up to strangers Parks and Roberts, Teens and young adults are also more likely to have an online profile. There is an age disclaimer in very small writing and buried in a bunch of other tiny text.

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Self—disclosure norms are likely to differ between the sexes and varying age groups but also between different online genres. These factors are likely to influence the level and types of disclosure in the rook, but also in the profile. For example, pictures can be carefully selected and even edited.

A second coder coded a subset 20 percent of the profiles for inter—rater reliability purposes. It may be likely then that men use chat rooms more regularly for this purpose than women. Females more frequently listed favourite music, favourite books, and their religion.

There is always a contention problem with online names, so after a bit of digging as to the type of names girls pick, i am going to rpom the user: LaurenFlower There are said to be three main motivational factors for blogging: self—expression, identity management and networking Fullwood, et al. Youner, chat room users are said to construct their profiles in a manner that increases the possibility of being contacted by desirable others Li, Comparative to face—to—face interactions, we might therefore expect people to disclose more explicit and personal information online generally.

Social networking sites may be used primarily to sustain existing friendships and therefore individuals may be more inclined to reveal identity information. A tentative explanation would be that males may be more likely to use these applications for pursuing romantic or sexual relationships with other users. However, there does appear to be some tentative support for the notion that the amount and types of information individuals display on their profiles is influenced by the online application being used.

This must be a worry for parents.

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